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The League community has a lot of rude people in it. I just played a game with someone who was being very rude, and after having a quick chat, they apologized and thanked me. Just ask people why they feel the need to be mean, and make them think. 
  • Listening to: Spread a Little Sunshine
  • Reading: Harley Quinn Vol. 2
  • Watching: Batman the Animated Series
  • Playing: League
  • Eating: Fruit
  • Drinking: Water
Mistletoe Ahri by MissMattel
Mistletoe Ahri
A Secret Santa drawing for :iconriveree: Hope you like it!

Merry Christmas

Comment and I'll reply with...
1. What animal/creature you remind me of

2. What color I think fits you.
3. How I feel about you.
4. Insult you.
5. My favorite OC of yours.
6. What season you remind me of.
7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head.
8. Think of a random nickname for you.
9. What element you remind me of.
10. Tell you to make this journal yourself 
Casi Reference by MissMattel
Casi Reference


Name: Casiodora Cecily Fawn

Age: 22
Sex: Female 
Race: White
Sexual Orientation: Asexual 
Current status: Single
Birth date: 1/2
Birth place: Unknown
Occupation: None
Hobbies/Pastimes: Magic, singing 
Talents/Skills/Powers: Voodoo, transformation
Backstory: Casi was born into a witch cult in an unknown location. There were no men in the cult. You were either formed inside your mother using magic, or your mother chose a random male to get pregnant from. The stronger witches made the children themselves, but since Casi's mom's magic was more voodoo based, she couldn't make the child. Somehow, instead of a normal man, Casi's mom ended up with a male magic user, which made Casi some kind of prodigy when she was born. All witches sacrificed their daughter's father's to strengthen their child's magic, so when the wizard was over powered and burned in the end, Casi was blessed with incredible strength. In her early years, she was treated as a queen and learned to use her magic very early. All the other girls shunned her because they didn't like all the praise and special treatment she got. But, at age 8, Casi burned out her magic. She had overused it at such a young age (since she didn't realize at her age you need to preserve it) it became locked away inside her. She was now vulnerable to her peers, shunned by those who used to praise her, and rendered useless. At age 15, when the other witches went to go train and use their magic, Casi was just left to struggle with her problems. In that time, she started to train. She began to replace her lack of magic with brute strength. At age 17, Casi escaped the cult. She could now easily defend herself against other magic users. 
Through some experiences in her early 20's she realized she could use her voodoo in intense situations. She was walking home in the city, when someone grabbed her. They held their hand over her mouth and told her to lift her skirt. But, before he could do anything else, Casi pushed him off, started to run, and managed to control him. The man threw himself in front of a car and was ran over. Since then, every once in a while, Casi is able to control someone for a brief minute. In terms of transformation, she can change her appearance slightly whenever she wants. Things like hair, eye color, and clothing are easy.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 152
Build: Curvy
Skin: Pale white
Hair: Blonde
Ears: Small 
Eyes: Green
Mouth: Big lips
Describe their smile: The smile of a troublemaker
Hands: Medium
Feet: Size 10
Tattoos/Scars: Scars on her back from making blood sacrifices, tattoo of a wiccan symbol on her neck
Glasses/Contacts: None 
Left/Right handed: Left 
Distinguishing features: Outfits, tattoo
Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): Gothic
How does s/he dress or what do they typically wear?: Black, frilly dresses, that are more elegant than costume-y
Jewelry: None
Other accessories: Hat with a wiccan symbol she wears during the colder seasons, same with her cape
Health: Extremely healthy
Hygiene: Really good 
Physical Flaws: Scars on her back
Physical Qualities: Very small movements and hand gestures 
Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: Extremely jumpy and paranoid, usually keeps her hands in fists
Voice: Smooth and low
Intelligence Level: Average
Known Languages: English
Musical talents/instruments: Beautiful singing voice 
Likes: Snow, dim lighting, rain, wind, drinking, pulling off a spell
Dislikes: Very hot weather, being in crowded places, being touched
• Paranoid: After escaping the cult, Casi sleeps with one eye open. She isn’t sure if the others are going to come and kill her, but she’s easily scared and jumpy. This can make her come off as suspicious to most people
• Emotional: Though she tends to keep to herself, Casi’s emotions are always clear and obvious. All of her feelings are out in the open, and when she needs to, she isn’t afraid to be blunt.
• Blunt: Casi hates nothing more than lying. She likes to keep things open and honest with people. Honesty is one of the most important qualities in a friend to her. But, her honesty is more brutally honest and her “constructive criticism” of things ends up being critique. She isn’t afraid to let loose and let others know how she really feels.
• Spacey: It’s easy for Casi to get lost in her feelings and thoughts. She tends to lose track of time when she gets to thinking. Others get frustrated by her constantly spacing off.
• Deep: Casi is often described as deep and sentimental by her friends. She enjoys immersing herself in the emotional sides of things. She finds it easy to give something value based on experiences with it. 
• Loyal: Because she has trouble making connections with people, Casi is always loyal to those she befriends. She can get very protective over those she invests emotions in, and is a very reliable person.
• Imaginative: Casi is a talented storyteller and loves to make up scenarios in her head. As a kid, she loved nothing more than playing pretend, and she still does as an adult. She can always use her imagination to turn something boring into something fun

Mode of transportation: Walking or driving 
Describe character’s sense of morals: Pretty good 
Describe character’s sense of self-control. Spontaneous or structured? Instinctual or logical?: Acts on her feelings and instincts 
How does the character view life? Quick and painful
How does the character view death? Hasn't formed much of an opinion/thoughts
How does the character view society? Confused and sick people
What does the character want out of life? Live out the rest of her life as safely as possible
How is s/he perceived by… 
Strangers? Odd and intimidating
Friends? Cold, distant, but loyal
Coworker/Colleague? Does what she's told, and gets it done efficiently and quickly 
Lovers? Distant and hard to reach
Birthparents: Orianna Fawn and Greyven Matthers
Are they still alive? Mother is
Did they raise this character? Sort of
What did they do for a living? Father was dead, mother part of the cult
What was this character’s life like before something, if anything, happened to change it all: Scary and depressing before she escaped the cult
Jim Henson by MissMattel
Jim Henson
*Updated Version*

In my art class we had to choose someone who inspired us and make a portrait of them. I, being a huge Muppet fan, chose Jim Henson. I think it turned out OK, though it could be better. Overall I'm fairly proud. It took a week and a half


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, I'm Steph, but you can also call me by one of my other names, if you like one of these better
Beardo (On The Bell Tree forums)

I like theater, drag queens, puppets (especially Muppets!), music, and video games.

My birthday is August 28th and I'm a Virgo

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